10 Steps to a successful chapter...

Thank you for your commitment to doing the work! By making the decision to form a local chapter of Being Black at School in your community, you are on your way to making sure your city’s schools are safe and equitable for Black and minority students. Your work will play a crucial role in helping Being Black at School ensure districts across the country are made up of A+ Equity Schools.

There are a few basic steps to follow when bringing Being Black at School to your community, and our Advocacy Team is eager to help you be successful in starting a local BBASxYourCity chapter. Many of the resources you need can be found in this membership kit, as well as from the download panel to the right, while others are available from our trusted partners.

One of the most important things to remember when establishing BBASxYourCity is that students play a crucial role in chapters. In addition to providing valuable insight into the experience of being a Black student or peer ally in their school, BBASxYourCity student members will play a key role in the chapter. Students will be able to gain leadership experience, learn skills required to implement and carry out events and programming, and most importantly learn how to navigate complex discussions about race, equity and opportunity.

To get started contact Colin McGinnis, Director of Policy, Advocacy & Research at colin@beingblackatschool.com.

Download List

Step 1: Request a Membership Kit and Equity Report from the Being Black at School website.

Membership Kit (Download)

Request an Equity Report

Step 2: Secure support from your school administrator.

Guide for Administrator Meeting (Download)

Message from Colin McGinnis, BBAS Director of Policy, Advocacy & Research (Coming Soon)

Step 3: Secure support from your community and establish your Advisory Committee.

Parent Letter (Download)

Advisory Committee Membership Letter Sample (Download)

Community Letter Sample (Download)

Step 4: Conduct membership recruitment activities.

Membership Recruitment Ideas (Download)

Meeting Promotional Flier - School (Download)

Meeting Promotional Flier - External (Download)

Student Message from Colin McGinnis, BBAS Director of Policy, Advocacy & Research (Coming Soon)

Step 5: Register your chapter members as national members of BBASxYourCity.

Membership Form  (Download)

Registration Dues and Deadlines (Coming Soon)

Step 6: Organize your chapter management structure.

Sample Constitution (Download)

Sample Meeting Agenda (Download)

Membership Interest Survey (Download)

Committee List (Download)

Committee Report Form (Coming Soon)

Step 7: Take advantage of programs offered by Being Black at School and associated partners.

National Tools and Partners (Download)

Step 8: Make plans to attend a national conference or training.

(Coming Soon)

Step 9: Apply for scholarships.

(Coming Soon)

Step 10: Celebrate chapter success.