Being Black at School advocates for equity and safety for Black students.

Equity-Driven  Data-Centered  Community-Focused


Your Classroom

Being Black at School helps teachers, school boards, and students navigate tough conversations in the classroom. Our Curriculum and Training Teams can work with your district's educators to develop classroom practices rooted in restorative justice and cultural competency.  


Your Voice

Being Black at School rallies activists and advocates in standing up for Black students. Through grassroots movements around the country we can stand together and speak up for Black students.

Your Government

Being Black at School works with elected officials and decision makers to develop policies that promote equity and safety. Additionally, our Policy and Research utilizes government datasets to assess the quality of schools for Black students.


Our Mission

Being Black at School strives to utilize data and policy analysis to foster a movement for making schools safer and more equitable for Black students. 


How We Achieve Our Mission

Our approach to advocacy is unlike that of any other education organizations. To make a formative change in the lives of Black students, we realized our efforts need to be data-driven, grassroots focused, and concentrated at all of the levels of decision making– in the community, in the classroom, and in the statehouse. 

By combining research, policy development and advocacy to influence public debate and catalyze change regarding race and education in America.

How Our Movement Works

We engage students, parents, educators, activists across the country to:

• Advocate for equitable schools

• Promote learning environments and professional development that embraces multiculturalism 

• Protect Black students from racially charged discipline measures 

• Challenge government policies to accommodate the diversity of American classrooms