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Project Status.

This Is A Movement.

five states

Targeted population is all 50 states

4 years

Going strong since October 2016

Support a classroom. Build a brighter future.



A movement for equity and safety for Black students.


Being Black at School is a national nonprofit advocacy organization focused on addressing the complexities of being a Black student in the American education system.

$ 1.5M

Fundraising Goal

These funds will help us implement equitable curriculum in 50 schools.

85 %


Our goal is to reach 85% of our fundraising target by Aug. 2021. 

your support matters

together we can

Together we can challenge policy, guide conversations, support teachers and administrators, and advocate for change. 


We challenge and work with elected officials and decision makers to develop policies that promote equity and safety.


We engage schools in conversations to research, implement, and track progress fostering equity in the classroom.


We use data for comprehensive reports to measure racial equity in schools as well as provide guides for action.


We rally activists and advocates through grassroots movements around the country.


for parents, students, teachers, and administrators


The issue of equity in the classroom has been well documented. We know the biggest hurdle is a school’s ability to convert reports and IDEAs into ‘Action’. This is why our framework is designed to be customizable to each school’s needs and resources.

workshops and training

Anti-racism for Educators

Best Resources: Using data as our anchor, together we determine what success
looks like for your school. Our work is never one size fits all – we do bring researched and vetted strategies, programs, and
 organizations to the table.

Featured Stories

Education and Action

Why do we need a strategy?

In order to achieve an equitable and inclusive education system, we must identify, address, and eliminate the biases and barriers that cripple our students’ cognitive and social development.

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Education and Action

Next Steps for BBAS

Nothing that’s happened in the last week has deterred us from the original mission and vision of Being Black at School. Black students are still marginalized, suspended more often than their white counterparts, and are denied access to higher level courses.

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Education and Action

We Have a New Ed Secretary: What Does This Mean?

This is excellent news. We’re all paying attention to this and our elected officials know it. That said, I understand the concern — I’ve never before seen so many people heavily invested in politics. The talk on The Hill last Wednesday was that this was the most call volume they’d ever seen from the American public in voicing concerns.

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